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I have an ISAPI application that needs to write to the standard windows event log. The code works just fine when in a user mode process but, as soon as it runs from the ISAPI application, it generates an access denied error when calling RegisterEventSource (no matter what event source I pass it: "Application" fails as surely as anything else).

Server platform is IIS7 on windows 2003, language is Borland Delphi 6.

Edit: Code was requested so here it is:

procedure TExtendedEventLogger.LogMessage(Message: String; EventType: DWord;
  Category: Word; ID: DWord);
  P: Pointer;
  if Enabled then
    P := PChar(Message);
    if FEventLog = 0 then
      If FMachine <> '' then
        FEventLog := windows.RegisterEventSource(PChar(FMachine), PChar(FName))
        FEventLog := windows.RegisterEventSource(nil, PChar(FName)); // <- blows up here
      if FEventLog = 0 then
        Raise exception.Create('Event logging error: ' + SysErrorMessage(getLastError));
    USID := GetCurrentUserSid();
      if not ReportEvent(FEventLog, EventType, Category, ID, USID.PSID, 1, 0, @P, nil) then
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Stephane, if you show your code will be easier to help. –  RRUZ Aug 27 '10 at 6:47

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I believe a similar problem is described here. Check the permissions to the registry key, you can do that with regedit, too.

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Thanks for that answer. That strikes me as a rather hawkward way to do it. I'm not questioning the validity of that answer as such, mind you, but I can't bring myself to beleive MS designed a critical part of the system like the event log so poorly that no web application can write to it without first changing the default permission. Have I missed something obvious, here ? –  Stephane Aug 31 '10 at 7:20
Some might say a system which allows any process to write to the event log by default is poor design. Possible denial of service attack by filling up the event log/hard disk? Honestly, I'm not sure. –  TOndrej Aug 31 '10 at 8:51
If you're running a local process on the server, even with low privilege, you can still do pretty nasty things and even crash the system (for instance, you can create a threads in a loop with a very small stack size: that will create so many threads that, in a very short time, the scheduler will not be able to handle it and the system will hang). On the other hand, requiring that a web application provides it's own logging mechanism (that cannot be aggregated in a standard way) if raising the bar for providing a safe environment. Not that this helps me much with my problem, mind you :P –  Stephane Aug 31 '10 at 14:28

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