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Is there a way to set convention when returning a partial view? For example: I have the following:

HomeController ---> Home(action Method) --> _Home.ascx (partial view)

AboutController ---> About(action Method) --> _About.ascx (partial view)

I'm currently passing the partial view name explicitly to the PartialView helper(ie return PartialView("_home");)

note: without using T4MVC.


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The MVC runtime component that's responsible for mapping a view name to the right file is called a ViewEngine. In case of ascx files it's the default WebFormViewEngine. It exposes properties that contain the default lookup patterns. For example you could modify PartialViewLocationFormats and instead of this:


to be this:


Note that this change will apply to all of your partial view lookups.

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Nice! This led me to overriding webviewformengine's FindPartialView method to string.Format("_{0}",partialView) –  bonskijr Aug 28 '10 at 7:52

I beleive you should always pass partial view name explicitly because code in a file ViewEngineCollection.cs which searches for it raises an exception otherwise:

public virtual ViewEngineResult FindPartialView(ControllerContext controllerContext,
    string partialViewName) 
    // skipped code

    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(partialViewName)) 
        throw new ArgumentException(MvcResources.Common_NullOrEmpty,

    // skipped code

Though if you override this method you possibly may use some name convention.

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