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How is the Postgres connection url formed, when the host is some other computer than the localhost?

I have allowed Postgres to accept requests from outside.

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Drivers? Language? –  Milen A. Radev Aug 27 '10 at 10:30

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Here is the documentation for JDBC, the general URL is "jdbc:postgresql://host:port/database"

Chapter 3 here documents the ADO.NET connection string, the general connection string is Server=host;Port=5432;User Id=username;Password=secret;Database=databasename;

PHP documentation us here, the general connection string is host=hostname port=5432 dbname=databasename user=username password=secret

If you're using something else, you'll have to tell us.

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host or hostname would be the i.p address of the remote server, or if you can access it over the network by computer name, that should work to.

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If you use Libpq binding for respective language, according to it's documentation URI is formed as follows:


Here are examples from same document

postgresql:// postgresql://localhost postgresql://localhost:5433 postgresql://localhost/mydb postgresql://user@localhost postgresql://user:secret@localhost postgresql://other@localhost/otherdb?connect_timeout=10&application_name=myapp

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