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How would I do what Scott has done in one call using nHibernate 2 ObjectDataSource

below is my Data access method

 public IList GetListOfUser(int rows, int pageIndex) {
            IList userList = null;

            using (ITransaction tx = _session.BeginTransaction()) {
                try {
                    userList = _session.CreateQuery("Select u from User u where u.DateSubmitted is not null")
                        .SetFirstResult(rows * (pageIndex - 1) + 1)
                } catch (NHibernate.HibernateException ex) {
                    AppUtil.LogHelper.WriteLog(LogLevel.ERROR, ex.ToString());
            return userList;
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Just to be clear, are you interested in getting a paged list along with a total item count in a single query using NHibernate? – DanP Aug 27 '10 at 11:24
Hi Yes, I have been looking into this. How would I get count out as well? Select Count(u.UserId) as userCount from User u where u.DateSubmitted is not null So I could get an Int32 value, – kemical Aug 28 '10 at 14:22

Actually, you can get the result page AND total records count in one roundtrip to the server using this helper method if you are using ICriteria queries:

    protected IList<T> GetByCriteria(
        ICriteria criteria, 
        int pageIndex,
        int pageSize, 
        out long totalCount)
        ICriteria recordsCriteria = CriteriaTransformer.Clone(criteria);

        // Paging.
        recordsCriteria.SetFirstResult(pageIndex * pageSize);

        // Count criteria.
        ICriteria countCriteria = CriteriaTransformer.TransformToRowCount(criteria);

        // Perform multi criteria to get both results and count in one trip to the database.
        IMultiCriteria multiCriteria = Session.CreateMultiCriteria();
        IList multiResult = multiCriteria.List();

        IList untypedRecords = multiResult[0] as IList;
        IList<T> records = new List<T>();
        if (untypedRecords != null)
            foreach (T obj in untypedRecords)
            records = new List<T>();

        totalCount = Convert.ToInt64(((IList)multiResult[1])[0]);

        return records;

It clone your original criteria twice: one criteria that return the records for the page and one criteria for total record count. It also uses IMultiCriteria to perform both database calls in one roundtrip.

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Got it to work, but two calls

I added itemCount to a ref:

 itemCount = (Int64)_session.CreateQuery("select count(UserId) from User")

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