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I have to present some 'process' or 'flow' of the application at work on friday. I was hoping to prepare a flow chart before I begin the hands on demo.

Any suggestions for freeware sw to make simple flowcharts on Windows?

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Dia might be worth looking at.

It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and many other diagrams. It is also possible to add support for new shapes by writing simple XML files, using a subset of SVG to draw the shape.

Here is a download page.

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that is for gnome. Here is the link for windows dia-installer.de –  vishnu May 1 '11 at 9:07

Tried yEd after finding this thread. It's brilliant. Nothing better, for free.

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Yed is great for flowcharts, especially larger ones. The overview window lets you pan around the diagram and the zoom is very smooth –  Phil C Mar 13 '13 at 12:10
I just tried it. Very nice! You can even search for new symbols on-line and import them. Also, very clean and intuitive UI. –  Rev1.0 Apr 19 '13 at 6:42
+1 Never heard of yEd before and it looks good. –  Karthic Raghupathi Jul 26 '13 at 17:43
@Scott I think this is no longer free as each download is an evaluation : yworks.com/en/downloads.html –  blue-sky Aug 15 '13 at 9:16
@Adrian No - yEd is still free and this never changed: "Can I use yEd for free? Even for commercial purpose?" - The underlying software libraries are available commercially. –  Sebastian Jan 24 '14 at 13:46

Use GraphViz. At its core, it's a description language that produces decent graphcs automatically. Another answer recommended Dia... Dia is a GUI tool that produces GraphViz .dot files. If you want total layout control (generally not necessary for a flowchart), use Dia. If you just want something that produces a reasonable layout by itself, use GraphViz directly.

As an added bonus, GraphViz works with many wiki packages as a plugin... Confluence, MediWiki, Trac, for starters.

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Lovely Charts- online solution.

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Original question was regarding free ware. (i.e. Software which is "free") The link you posted is to software that you are charged for. –  The Duke Of Marshall שלם Aug 25 '14 at 18:21

I used draw.io and it is very good.

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6,000 euros for a 1-developer license != freeware. –  Joe White Jul 6 '10 at 2:29
@Joe White: I used this link: mxgraph.com/demo/jgraphx/jgraphx.jnlp - I created a diagram and could save it and exported it in different formats. For free. –  True Soft Jul 6 '10 at 6:41

Google Drawings has been released since this question was answered. It has several built-in flowchart stencils, or check out the templates to find some more elaborate flowchart elements that you can copy-paste into your document.

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Bizagi Process Modeler is a freeware that is quite feature rich. Only for Windows

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code2flow is an online pseudo-code to flowchart generator, just click on the image to play with it:


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Try this:


simple ... free ... less than 1MB in size. It does the job well. I enjoyed it. Give it a try.

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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. –  Hüseyin BABAL Feb 28 '14 at 7:38

If you have Microsoft Word or Excel you can select Insert|Shapes|Flowchart to create a Flowchart. I know it is not free but if you have Microsoft Office already, it may be an option.

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