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I have a CORBA server that makes a twoway call to another server from a notification thread that is created in the servant. This works fine normally. I have just modified the server to be co-located with its client (both are DLLs in a host app), and now it deadlocks waiting for the reply. The offending call is to outside the colocated servers (to the naming service in fact). I am using TAO 1.6 with default policies.

The problem appears to be related to the leader-follower implementation; it is blocking waiting for the existing leader, whereas when it works there is no leader.

Thanks Pete.

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For the record, I got round it by using thread-per-connection configuration, following the advice here and putting the optoins in a service configuration file as described here (what that doesn't make entirely clear is that all you need is a file called svc.conf in the working directory). Not surprisingly, all those options are necessary to fix the problem I had.

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