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In windows batch file, if myScript.bat runs otherScript.bat, and in otherScript.bat, there's a pause in first line. How can I send a keystroke to skip that pause in myScript.bat? So my script won't need to take any extract keystroke and won't be blocked by the pause. Thanks.

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One way would be to use the echo command to do the keystroke for you.

For example:


@echo OFF

@echo Calling otherScript.bat...
@echo | call otherScript.bat
@echo Done.


@echo Hello World

Stefan's solution is more flexible and allows you to control when to pause or not, but this solution will work if you're not able to revise otherScript.bat for some reason.

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Both answers are awesome, but I can't edit otherScript.bat. So accept this one. –  Stan Aug 28 '10 at 1:09
Just the solution I was looking for +1 –  CraftyFella Jan 24 '13 at 13:01

You could modify otherScript.bat so that it accepts an optional parameter, telling it to skip the pause command like this:

if "%1"=="nopause" goto start
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