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so make quick:
i use windows 7 ultimate. I can login with windows authentication mode but sql authentication with user 'sa' don't work!. sa user is enable
so what do i do?

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Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager Right-click the Server name, select Properties > Security Under Authentication, select SQL Server and Windows The server must be stopped and re-started before this will take effect

Error 18452 (not associated with a trusted sql server connection)

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  1. Click on Start menu > Programs > Microsoft Sql Server > Configuration Tools

  2. Select Sql Server Surface Area Configuration.

  3. Now click on Surface Area configuration for services and connections

  4. On the left pane of pop up window click on Remote Connections and Select Local and Remote connections radio button.

  5. Select Using both TCP/IP and named pipes radio button.

  6. click on apply and ok.

Now when try to connect to sql server using sql username and password u'll get the error mentioned below

Cannot connect to SQLEXPRESS.


Login failed for user 'username'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452) ation To fix this error follow steps mentioned below

  1. connect to sql server using window authentication.

  2. Now right click on your server name at the top in left pane and select properties.

  3. Click on security and select sql server and windows authentication mode radio button.

  4. Click on OK.

  5. restart sql server servive by right clicking on server name and select restart.

Now your problem should be fixed and u'll be able to connect using sql server username and password.

Have fun. Ateev Gupta

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  1. First Make sure sa is enabled
  2. Change the authontication mode to mixed mode (Window and SQL authonitication)
  3. Stop your SQL Server
  4. Restart your SQL Server
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