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i want to find out what classes need some javadoc love in my project. Is there a plugin for eclipse (or a standalone app) that would tell me what methods don't have a javadoc yet and perhaps even tells me if some are wrong (parameters changed etc).

This is more or less the last plugin i need to create great code :D thx in advance

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If you are specifically after a Javadoc quality tool, then Sun's Doc Check Doclet has this covered.

See this question for hints on how to integrate it with eclipse.

+1 for CheckStyle - great tool for code quality in general

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looks like what i need, thanks :) – Asraniel Aug 27 '10 at 12:23

Give CheckStyle a shot.

It will do all that and more. In particular, it will check for well-formed Javadoc comments on methods, params, packages, variables. It will flag them as you code, much like Eclipse does already with compilation errors.

It's really a great tool. Available as a plugin, ant task, or standalone.

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