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Some good controls and examples to chart functions

I am looking for some examples of plotting functions with some code and seeing that on a chart

so If I had a function like


I want to see that plotted from say 0 to some really high number.

C# (WPF in VS 2010 maybe) would be ideal or if their is some other library that works well for this that is fine.

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I looked at Visfire and I saw there is something in the WPF toolkit (which I don't see in VS 2010). I was hoping for an example (not a full blown project). – Maestro1024 Aug 27 '10 at 12:28
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NPlot will do it and it is free. I have found the initial learning curve is a little steep compared to other options (although it is more powerful too).

This one might be promising as well - not sure what they use internally but you could find out fairly quickly.


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Looks interesting. Do you have a line plot example. I did not see one (documentation for this thing appears to need some work, and has spam in the wiki) – Maestro1024 Aug 27 '10 at 12:22

Visifire on codeplex is pretty good and is GPL2 licensed, if you want to use WPF. To Evaluate expressions you might need to an Expression evaluation library like Flee (licensed LGPL) along with the charting one.

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WPF Toolkit is Better and Simple. You might consider this free charting controls

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