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Here is my code:

var menu = new Menu ();
menu.x = 0;
menu.y = 0;
addChild (menu);
menu.alpha = 0;
TweenLite.to (menu, 10, (alpha: 1));

This works, but transparency varies for each element MovieClip separately, but I would like that would have changed the whole MovieClip transparency as a single image.

Menu(); is generated from XML.

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Here's one option: create a Sprite or MovieClip object, and add all your menu objects as its children (and not as children of the parent class). Then, call TweenLite on your grouped object. (Note: I haven't used TweenLite specifically, but I have used this technique with other tweening libraries)

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I helped the following:

menu.blendMode = "layer"
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