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I've set-up a cruisecontrol.net server with IIS7. I want to be able to view the web dashboard. Everything has worked for me before fine in IIS6, but now it seems to be broke in IIS7.

If I browser to:

I get the following error: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 1, Column 5:.NET

It looks like ASP.NET isn't being hit when I request the page. But as far as I know the application pool of the site is set to .NET, and I don't know how to check whether ASP.NET is configured correctly with IIS7.

Does anyone know if this a problem which can be rectified in IIS7? Has anyone test CruiseControl.NET from installation in IIS7?

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I run cc.net with IIS7. Use the server manager and go to Roles - Web Server (IIS). On the page that is displayed you will see the installed Role Services. If ASP.Net is not listed you can added it on the same page: There is a command Add Role Services.

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