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So I have a functional search app that searches through our company directory. Right now the launch screen goes right too the table with a toolbar to search. I want to modify the interface to launch to a google-esque view with just a simple search bar. I have created a new view and viewController but when I try to add it to the window, it says "View is not a member of struct or union". Here is what I am trying to do:

    [window addSubview:launchController.view];   //THIS IS THE LINE
[window makeKeyAndVisible];

There was formerly another view in there, but I just tried to substitute the views out. For example: I formerly had another view named "toolbarSearchView" load and that worked. They are both subclasses of UIViewController. Does anyone have an idea of what may be causing this behavior? Thanks!

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check if the syntax [launchController view] works. If not, then perhaps launchController isn't a subclass UIViewController.

Or perhaps you declared it as UIViewController launchController; instead of UIViewController* launchController;

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