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This is a general question regarding pulling up a CP plot in a split view controller. I have menu items pointing to individual view controllers pre-loaded with everything core plot related. My question is can anyone fill me in on a good way to present the graphs on the right pane while still showing the left pane? The way that I have it set up now is as follows: basic split view project

RootViewController has 1 secton and 1 row with a title like "sample bar plot"

when didSelectRowAtIndex is called, it adds the following line to the standard pre-loaded code:

BarPlotViewController *newBarPlotVC = [[BarPlotViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"BarPlotView" bundle:nil];

and then presents it by overlaying it onto the detailViewController.view:

self.view = newBarPlotVC.view;

This works, however when the bar plot comes up it takes over the entire screen.

I have tried to use UIModalPresentationStyleCurrentContext but nothing I change in regards to the transition style or the presentation style has any affect.

Basically, how the heck do you get a core plot or any pre-defined view controller for that matter to display only inside the part of the self.view that does not have the toolbar????

Any Ideas? I know this is a little off base as this is the Core Plot issue discussion but I figured maybe someone has already conquered this issue on this board. As always, Thanks for any help, ~Arash

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Hi Arash, have you figured out how to do this as I'm looking at the problem right now... – Rasman Apr 23 '11 at 22:55

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