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How to find fifth highest salary in a single query in SQL Server

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In SQL Server 2005 & 2008, create a ranked subselect query, then add a where clause where the rank = 5.

    SalesOrderID, CustomerID, Row_Number() Over (Order By SalesOrderID) as RunningCount
    SalesOrderID > 10000
  Order By
) ranked
  RunningCount = 5
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These work in SQL Server 2000

DECLARE @result int

SELECT TOP 5 @result = Salary FROM Employees ORDER BY Salary DESC

Syntax should be close. I can't test it at the moment.

Or you could go with a subquery:

    SELECT TOP 5 Salary FROM Employees ORDER BY Salary DESC
) AS TopFive

Again, not positive if the syntax is exactly right, but the approach works.

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I want it in a single query using percent... how to get that? select top 5 percent columnname from tablename order by desc using this we get first 5 records, but I want only 5th one. –  Yogini Dec 11 '08 at 6:45
Both queries return a single number which is the 5th highest salary. Have you tried them? –  recursive Dec 11 '08 at 19:30
SELECT TOP 1 salary
    FROM employee
    ORDER BY salary DESC) a
ORDER BY salary
where n > 1 -- (n is always greater than one)

You can find any number of highest salary using this query.

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To find the 5th higest salary from a database, the query is..

select MIN(esal) from (
    select top 5 esal from tbemp order by esal desc) as sal

its working check it out

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    SELECT TOP 2 Salary FROM empa ORDER BY Salary DESC
) AS TopFive

It's working correctly, please use it.

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You can try some thing like :

select salary
from Employees a
where 5=(select count(distinct salary)
         from Employees b
         where a.salary > b.salary)
order by salary desc
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This approach will work, but has poor performance. It is O(n^2), since for every employee in the outer query, the entire table must be scanned again. –  recursive Dec 11 '08 at 19:39
Also, it will not be correct if there is a tie. –  recursive Dec 16 '08 at 3:38

The below query to gets the Highest salary after particular Employee name.

Just have a look into that!

SELECT TOP 1 salary FROM (
    SELECT DISTINCT min(salary) salary
    FROM emp where salary > (select salary from emp where empname = 'John Hell') 
    ) a 
ORDER BY salary
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select * from employee2 e
where 2=(select count(distinct salary) from employee2
         where e.salary<=salary)

its working

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You can find it by using this query:

select top 1 salary from ( select top 5 salary from tbl_Employee order by salary desc) as tbl order by salary asc

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