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I'm looking to write a batch file I can deploy to 20-30 users that will export all of the enabled versions of Java out to a text file, which I can then pick up, and add to a troubleshooting effort we're working on.

I know that java -version will show the current version, but we're in an environment where we have multiple applications that use different versions.

Thanks, Josh

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And "enabled" covers? –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Aug 27 '10 at 16:40

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Assuming your runtimes are all in the same folder, You can grab the "JAVA_HOME" environment variable then just print a list of the folders in the parent directory of wherever it points.

However individual applications can bundle their own runtimes, which can be anywhere pretty much.

Since you reference -version though, I assume you are using it from the command line so pulling in JAVA_HOME and looking around there seems like a good place to start.

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Have a look at the Java Deployment Tookit with its method getJREs(). This returns an array of currently installed Java Runtime Environments.

Please be advised, that this a JavaScript and you probably won't be able to use it from command line.

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