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how do i programatically add user permission to a list in sharepoint. i want to add the permission "Contribute" to a user or group for a certain list. im using c#


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You can do this using the SPRoleAssignment object, e.g.

// Assuming you already have SPWeb and SPList objects
SPRoleAssignment roleAssignment = new SPRoleAssignment("dom\\user", "user@dom", "user", "some notes");
SPRoleDefinition roleDefinition = web.RoleDefinitions.GetByType(SPRoleType.Contributor);
if (!myList.HasUniqueRoleAssignments)
    myList.BreakRoleInheritance(true); // Ensure we don't inherit permissions from parent
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I think your comment "Ensure we don't inherit permissions from parent" is not consistent with the code, it should be myList,BreakRoleInheritance(false) for that. –  csgero Dec 11 '08 at 8:44
@csgero - not according to MSDN - msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Paul Nearney Dec 11 '08 at 8:49
thanks.. your answer really helped alot –  Adyt Dec 11 '08 at 10:01

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