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We have few Web Services witch now are handled by an external application, and we plan to replace them as an new own implementation.

Is there some tool/class witch will generate stock php interface and structures 100% compatible with those WSDL's we have now?

I'll have to re-implement this wsdl interface, and i have to be sure, that interface itself (not a logic implementation), will not change in any way (even WSDL location have to stay as is)

I have found some projects like:

If any of You have used some things like that, please share with me tips, tools recommendations etc.

PS re-implementation will be made on top of Yii framework and CWebService class

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wsdl2php-interpreter is limited -- it doesn't handle attributes and doesn't seem to handle simpleTypes.

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Then try WsdlToPhp ;) – Mikaël DELSOL Apr 23 '15 at 20:55
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I have used and based on generated code wrote an web service controllers following a Yii giude and everything works fine and as expected :)

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