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I got a hard time with the Image.FromStream method in my website. The code below works perfect on my computer. But when I uploaded it to the test server, it always gives me "Parameter not valid" exception.

if (!afuImageFile.IsUploading && afuImageFile.HasFile)
    System.Drawing.Image imgFile = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(afuImageFile.FileContent);

the afuImageFile is an AsynFileUploader control in Ajax Tool Kits. afuImageFile.FileContent is a HttpInputStream. I guess I need to add some permission to some folder. Can anyone help me?

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Sometimes the file format gives this kind of problems, try with jpg, png, bmp etc and check wether the exception is thrown in any case

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You don't think after 4 years the OP could has solved ? –  Boctulus Jan 3 at 16:09
Yeah, I noticed too late ahah sorry –  Alex Jan 12 at 9:56

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