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from the webtest documentation I learn that:

The best way to simulate authentication is if your application looks in environ['REMOTE_USER'] to see if someone is authenticated. Then you can simply set that value, like:

app.get('/secret', extra_environ=dict(REMOTE_USER='bob'))

I am trying to do the same thing but in a Google App engine environment. I would like to simulate a logged in user and a user that's an administrator.

If possible which dictionary values do I have to set in extra_environ to accomplish this?

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Set User:

os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = 'info@example.com'

Set Admin:

os.environ['USER_IS_ADMIN'] = '1'

This is how my whole test looks like. My example uses webtest, nose, nosegae and gaetestbed.

class TestingRoutes(WebTestCase, unittest.TestCase):

    APPLICATION = application()

    def tearDown(self):
        os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = ''
        os.environ['USER_IS_ADMIN'] = ''

    #AdminIndex .....
    def test_adminindex_no_user(self):
        #No user: redirect to login form
        response = app.get( url_map['adminindex'] )

    def test_adminindex_user(self):      
        os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = 'info@example.com'
        response = app.get( url_map['adminindex'] )

    def test_adminindex_admin(self):
        os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = 'info@example.com'
        os.environ['USER_IS_ADMIN'] = '1'
        response = app.get( url_map['adminindex'] )

Hope it helps.

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This didn't work for me. The code acts as if no one is logged in, although I set os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = 'info@example.com'. Might be my error, but it's not obvious how to debug. –  dfrankow Jan 18 '11 at 17:18

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