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I'm trying to throw and exception from my asmx web service and have the silverlight front end catch the exception within the completed event for the web service. Is this possible?

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Why are you using ASMX web services with SilverLight? You should be using WCF for all new web service development. – John Saunders Aug 27 '10 at 19:46

There is no easy way doing this

you will have to wrap all your exceptions in the webservice as a fault exception
change status code to 200

check out this url for a sample

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Web services don't have exceptions. They return SOAP Faults.

ASMX web services don't even support SOAP Faults properly.

Any uncaught exception will be turned into a SoapException. When an uncaught SoapException is thrown from the service, it will be returned as a SOAP Fault.

If you used "Add Web Reference" to create your proxy classes, then any SOAP Faults will be turned into a SoapException again.

On the other hand, WCF properly supports SOAP Faults both on the client and the service. A service operation can declare that it may return a particular kind of fault, say, "InvalidDataFault":

void SomeOperation(SomeDataContract request);

public class InvalidDataFault
    public string Message {get;set;}

    public string PropertyName {get;set;}

The operation may then throw the fault:

throw new FaultException<InvalidDataFault>(
    new InvalidDataFault {Message="Some message", PropertyName="Property1"});

The client can then catch this exception and access the Details:

catch (FaultException<InvalidDataFault> ex)
    // Can now process ex.Detail.Message and ex.Detail.PropertyName
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