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I'm a migrating Eclipse IDE user and am learning my way round IntelliJ IDEA 9.

By default Eclipse IDE won't use a starred import until you import 99 classes from the same package, so it practically never happens.

But IntelliJ IDEA seems only too keen to do it, and I can't work out how to disable it.

For example, after typing JList then ALT + ENTER to auto-import, the whole javax.swing package is imported instead of just the class I specify.

I tried excluding javax.swing from the auto-completion, but that just stops any Swing classes from being suggested, which is counter-productive.

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You can change that in Settings -> Java -> Code Style -> Imports -> Class count to use import with '*'

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Now both Class count to use import with '*' and Names count to use static import with '*' are set to 99 to copy Eclipse's behavior. Thanks! –  Iain Elder Aug 29 '10 at 13:54

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