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I'm using the Aptana plugin for Eclipse to do web development. Apparently spell checking is disabled in Aptana for performance reasons (see

Currently I drop to a shell and run a script that in turn runs aspell on all my *.html files, but occasionally I forget to do this before I publish. I've tried adding my script as an "external tools" command, but aspell doesn't behave nicely in an Eclipse console window. Besides, I still might forget to click it before a publish.

Ideally, I'd like to insert some sort of hook that would run this script before I trigger a file synchronize command, but I would appreciate any other suggestions to trigger an automatic spell check process.

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My approach has been to publish using the command line only, that way I can sneak my spell check command in every time before I publish. I installed an "Open in Terminal" plugin for eclipse that makes it convenient to drop to a shell at the root of the web directory then execute this command.

I hope this is helpful to somebody.

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use a separate spell checker

I'm using tinyspell and aptana studio 3 (it can check spellings as you type)

see this

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