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ECommerceAdoEntities oContext = new ECommerceAdoEntities();           
var lstnames = from c in oContext.tbl_ShippingProfile  select c.Name;

When I try to run a linq query against a ADO.net entity data model data source and return more than one column (c.Name,c.ID) it gives me error in C#

But in VB I am able to do it.

Dim adoDataEntity As New ECommerceAdoEntities()
Dim lstAdoSource = From c In adoDataEntity.tbl_ShippingProfile Select c.Name, c.ID

Any idea why?

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I suspect the VB.NET compiler is implicitly converting Select c.Name, c.ID to Select New With { .Name = c.Name, .ID = c.ID }, which is similar what you would write in C# – Thomas Levesque Aug 28 '10 at 12:06
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 var lstnames = from c in oContext.tbl_ShippingProfile  
                select new 
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