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With Symfony's Action Security if a user has not been identified he will be forwarded to the default login action as defined in the applications settings.yml file. How would I forward the user to the originally requested action after the user is successfully authenticated?

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On first hit to your login action, store referer to the user session:


and then when login succeeds, redirect user to stored referer with:


You have complete example in sfGuardPlugin:

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More simply...



  if (!$this->hasAttribute('referer'))
    $this->setAttribute('referer', $referer);
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I had problems using the attribute with name 'referer'. Using a different name solved the problem. – Druckles Jul 28 '11 at 16:38

A related problem, but instead trying to perform the forward from a different action:

If you have an action protected by sfGuard which is attempting to redirect to the referrer, you will get a redirect loop after signing in. This is because the sign-in page of sfGuard wil become the referrer. A parameter or attribute can be saved over multiple requests if stored in the sign-in action as above, meaning the action might be redirecting to an incorrect page if already signed in. The solution is to use a flash which will be forgotten. This can be accomplished with the following code in the executeSignin method of sfGuardAuthActions:

if ($this->getUser()->hasFlash('referer'))
  $this->getUser()->setFlash('referer', $this->getUser()->getFlash('referer'));
  $this->getUser()->setFlash('referer', $this->getRequest()->getReferer());

By resetting the flash in the first block, it won't be forgotten between login attempts, and by using a flash, signing in from other pages can't interfere with your action.

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