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I seem to be unable to use x:out to traverse parsed XML. I'm looking for ideas on what to check to get this working. When I take out the x:out the page renders without error so I am assuming x:parse is working fine. I also use x:transform in this same JSP and it works it SEEMS like the library setup is correct.

<c:catch var="err">
<c:import var="xml" url="http://eip-dev/app/FORMS.xml"/>  
<x:parse doc="${xml}" var="pxml"/>  
<x:out select="$pxml/POL_FORMS/COMPANY"/>  
<c:out value="${err}"/>  

This is the XML contained in FORMS.xml:


Getting this error:
javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: org.apache.taglibs.standard.tag.common.xml.UnresolvableException: $prefix:javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet

Server info: IBM WebSphere Application Server/6.1
Servlet version: 2.4
JSP version: 2.0
Java version: 1.5.0
JSTL version: 1.1

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You need to ensure that JSTL XML taglib is declared as per JSTL 1.1 tlddoc and that you don't have old JSTL 1.0 libraries (or even the extracted TLD files) wandering around in the classpath.

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