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I have a JSON array with ActiveRecord objects. These objects can be reconstructed using the from_json method, which every AR object has. However with from_json it's only possible to reconstruct one single object.

To process an array, I could of course just extract substrings from the JSON array and create every object from it's own substring in a loop or so. However I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this, without string manipulation involved.

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I would do

sudo gem install json

After that just

require "json"

and do




what fits better for you.

Both of these methods return Ruby data structure that corresponds to the json structure. So, if you have a json array of obejcts, after JSON.load or JSON.parse you'll get Ruby array of hashes. You should't have any problems to manipulate this kind of structure.

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Thanks for the answer! I think the original AR object can be reproduced by passing the hash to the constructor of it, so there would be no need to use from_json.. – Nils Dec 12 '08 at 14:46

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