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I have contents in Amazon cloudfront. These contents are private but will be given access to users when they purchase to get access to the contents for limited period of time.

I want the URLs given to the users be generated for that specific user IP or may be current session key. I am aware of the option of generating an authenticated URL to a private object that will expire in a certain time period. The problem with that is as long as the URL is not expired users can access the content from different machines which is not a requirement for users to have this capability.

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The expiring URLs you mentioned are made using CloudFront's signed URLs with a "canned" policy (see Creating Signed URLs for Amazon CloudFront for examples)

If you also want to limit based on the requester's IP address, you need to use a custom policy which allows you to specify a date range and an IP address (or range).

See for specifics.


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