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Do you know any grid control compatible with .NET and Mono?

DataGridView seems to be quite buggy on Mono, and GTK# controls depends on GTK+ so you need to install it in windows machines where, usually, it's not present.

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You might want to try out the preview of Mono 2.0. DataGridView is vastly better in this version, though there are still several places where it is still lacking.

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I tried mono 1.9.1 (Mono 2.0 beta) and had some problems with sorting, generated columns, and some nasty exceptions.

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Our grid should be compatible with Mono


Bye Matthias

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Which version did you try? Perhaps you should give Mono 2.0 preview a go, it might work for you (no, the Data* controls are not yet perfect, but they have improved greatly). From my experience GTK# controls on Windows are not that great either...

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hello there if you want to try free grid controls that can work in .nt and mono, just try obout or try this links ok.

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Some free controls. –  leppie Mar 22 '09 at 7:34

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