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I'm going to be dynamically loading certain information in a modal window via ajax.

I've noticed on other sites that a small circular loading animation will appear in a modal window prior to loading the content. Does anyone know how this effect is achieved and possibly where to find the loading animation?


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The jQuery $.ajax() method provides for this by allowing you to specify a method to call upon ajax invoke and another method to call upon ajax response. The logical extension of this functionality is displaying a div containing an animated gif in the first call and clearing it in the second call. Here's an example. I do this in my $.ajaxSetup call when setting my ajax call defaults so that all of my ajax calls have the same behavior, but you can implement this at the $.ajax level to have potentially a different type of start/stop behavior depending on situation.

    beforeSend: function() {
    complete: function() {

Happy coding,

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Maybe consider using this jquery plugin BlockUI

// unblock when ajax activity stops 

function test() { 
    $.ajax({ url: 'wait.php', cache: false }); 

$(document).ready(function() {  
    $('#pageDemo2').click(function() { 
        $.blockUI({ message: '<h1><img src="busy.gif" /> Just a moment...</h1>' }); 
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A Google search for "ajax loader", "ajax load", "loading animation", etc. brings up

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It's not very helpful to direct a person to a search engine, he wants answers. Plus just an animated gif is not all that he's asking for. – Gary Willoughby Aug 28 '10 at 17:31

Some times it usefull to inform users by notificator jGrowl.

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