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how can i get url of the website which is in iframe, when i click on any links in website in iframe it is redirect to another page in the iframe then how can i get the page url. can u help me. thank you.

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Are you trying for Back button option? Navigating to the previous page? –  Nathiya Aug 28 '10 at 4:45
@geetha no i am not using back button for example in iframe i have amazon.com when i click on any product in amazon site it redirect to another page in amazon site then how can i get the url of that page –  Surya sasidhar Aug 28 '10 at 5:01

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You can use jquery to make it easier:


You can also use jquery contents() to retrieve or manipulate any tags inside that iframe. example:

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Unfortunately, you don't really have much control over an Iframe once it loads. I think pretty much the only thing you have control over is the ability to reload it with a new URL programatically.

If the page loaded by the Iframe is part of your website (not 3rd party), you can process the request server-side.

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From javascript? If you can run some JS inside the iframe:


If you can't - need to get a reference to the iframe in question:



FF, Safari, Chrome, etc:


As mentioned - you wont be able to do this if the URL that is loaded is not from the same domain as your website.

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when i write document.getElementById('myIframe').src; it is giving site url, but when i move to another page in the same site i am not getting full path of the site every time it is showing the initial url of the site but i want total url, when i move to another page in the same site. for example in my iframe i have amazon site if i click on BOOKS in amazon it is redirect to another page in the same site, i want the url of the page how can i get the url of the page. Thank u for response –  Surya sasidhar Aug 28 '10 at 6:06
try: document.getElementById('myIframe').contentWindow.document.location.href OR document.getElementById('myIframe').contentDocument.location.href –  Adam Aug 29 '10 at 2:57

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