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I want set error validation to input field manually in controller example:

  if ($remainTime < 30) {
      ..... set error validation in here (error: limitTime ), ( error is not in model )

other question: i want to ask : bindModel ( in this case , I use bindModel in Behaviors ) 'll cause loss of relationship with other model but is bindModel cause loss of $var validate,too ?

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For Cake 2.0, stackoverflow.com/questions/5765236/… did the trick for me. –  domsom Jun 22 '12 at 11:16

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if the $validate is defined in the model, bindModel wont cause closs of $var validate.

As for you primary question; you can set/unset/update $validationErrors of the models..eg

($remainTime < 30) {
   $this->Model->validationErrors['limitTime'] = "time is less than 30";
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This can be achieved using the invalidate method that will flag the field as having an error:-

$this->Model->invalidate('field_name', 'error message');
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This is probably the more correct answer as this calls the Validator method that does almost the same thing as the currently accepted answer. See the 2.6 API docs here: api.cakephp.org/2.6/source-class-ModelValidator.html#278-288 –  alecho Jan 21 at 18:37

Probably you are looking for something like this

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no, i want set error validation , in this case, $validate == null –  meotimdihia Aug 28 '10 at 13:20
Do you want to invalidate a field, or just to show that the form in general is invalid? –  Nik Chankov Aug 29 '10 at 10:58

Since a lot has passed since this has been answered in order to pass correct message you need to put it like this:

$this->Model->validationErrors['limitTime'] = array("time is less than 30");

Form is expecting array of error messages.

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If you want to invalidate an associated model, you can use something like this:

$this->Model1->Model2->invalidate('Model2', __("Your validation message"));

In my case it invalidates associated select multiple (HABTM) field.

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