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I have to use a few servlets in my Web application. The servlets perform a bit of processing and then redirect the user to an xhtml page.

I already have navigation rules in my app, which I'd like to re-use in my servlet.



Now inside the servlet, I'd like to use something like:


instead of


How can I go about doing this?

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Since servlets doesn't run inside the JSF context, you really need to parse all the <navigation-case> entries out of the faces-config.xml file into a Map yourself, so that you can end up doing:

response.sendRedirect("faces" + navigationCases.get("bookingFailed"));

The builtin JAXP and XPath API's may be useful in this.

That said, you'd really consider to do JSF context-dependent processing inside the JSF context rather than in a plain vanilla servlet. Use the constructor of a managed bean or a PhaseListener listening on RESTORE_VIEW.

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