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I need to know which image file type was used in the file i loaded with "initWithContentsOfFie" because i don't want to trust the file extension.

Unfortunately i can't find anything about the format in NSImage and NSImageRep,

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NSImage doesn't keep that information, because it's of no further use. You'll need to drop down to CGImageSource to get the info you want.

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Lothar: Of note: None of the image classes represents an image file, largely because the image might never have been a file (you might have created it yourself in memory and not yet saved it). They are images only. Hence the existence of other classes for working with image files: Giving you information about image files, as well as giving you the images in them, is CGImageSource's and, for PDF files, CGPDFDocument's/PDFDocument's job. –  Peter Hosey Aug 28 '10 at 10:28
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