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I have two NSMenus with the same NSMenuItems. Only one NSMenuItem in its NSMenu should be selected. (Kind of like an NSMatrix). So I connected each NSMenuItem to the same action and added an iVar for the index of the item with the NSOnState. Inside the method I set the state of the item with the old index to NSOffState and the new one to NSOnState, then I set the old index to the new index. This works just fine for one of the two NSMenus. But I would like to sync them both. I can add IBOutlets for every NSMenu and then set the states inside the method since I have access to both NSMenus. But this feels kind of redundant.. Note: I'm also planning to save the index in the user defaults so maybe it can be achieved by an NSUserDefaultsController?

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Nevermind. I think I'll just code everything myself without bindings etc.

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