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I want to call the dll that is available in client machine(For example:C:\Program Files\Applicationname\example.dll).I am using windows environment.So No issues with using COM.
But I dont know how to create a object for the client's machine dll?I need a help. Thanks in advance.

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PHP has nothing to do here. You have to think of your question better. Or, even better, ask not the way you choose but goal. Though I doubt you we well see it. –  Your Common Sense Aug 28 '10 at 10:37

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If this DLL is a COM object you may take a look at the relevant section in the documentation. If it is a Win32 library you could use the w32api_invoke_function but this extension is still experimental.

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As a rule php running on the server has no access to a dll/com component residing on the client.
You need a very special environment to do so. Either server and client are the same machine. Or the client machine exposes the component via DCOM (or its .net equivalent).

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Thanks VolkerK.Do you have any examples for that even the server and application on the same machine?Because I am using XAMPP only.At least I want to test the application. –  svk Aug 28 '10 at 12:34

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