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Are there good references teaching you how to send PUT/DELETE/POST/GET with ruby?

I have looked at Net::HTTP.

Is this library capable of all four methods? I couldn't find how to send with PUT.

Are there other good libraries for all these four methods?

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The simplest way would probably be to use the rest client gem. Then you can do stuff like

RestClient.get '', {:params => {:id => 50, 'foo' => 'bar'}}

EDIT: changed url to a more up to date one.

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hmm that hasnt been updated in 1 year now. seems that the project is dead. – never_had_a_name Aug 29 '10 at 3:10
My bad. It has moved to github. – yxhuvud Aug 29 '10 at 7:49

You should definitely look at HTTParty. It's an easy to use library to deal with RESTful requests, JSON responses and so forth.

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You can do all HTTP verbs with net/http library. Other libraries are an option as well - HTTParty is nice, and I personally like faraday.

With net/http, you could explore verbs doing something like this:

require 'net/http'

http ='')


http.put('/path', body_data)'/path', body_data)

Where body_data is whatever you want to send over the wire. Is also worth noting that all four methods can receive a Hash as an optional third parameter with the HTTP Request-Headers;

# GET, with Headers
http.get('/path', { 'Content-Type' => 'application/json' })

This is, obviously, the very basic.

Consider playing with Google APIs and Ruby to get a hang of it.

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