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I want to develop a GUI plugin inside Eclipse such that I can expose a set of tasks and the user can drag-drop the tasks in the editor canvas and create connections between them like a workflow. A -> B -> C. In the background this would generate a set of Java classes with custom code. Any pointers to what resources do I have for such a plugin ?

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Besides the basic SWT/Eclipse references given by Stephen, you could look into GEF for the graphical part, perhaps in its combination with EMF in GMP. For generating the target code, you could look into Jet or Xpand.

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In case of GEF, I can show a graphical representation of a model. I want the other way around. I should be able to generate model based on what we drag and drop on the IDE. – Ved Sep 1 '10 at 8:21
@Ved That is exactly what GEF is about. The terminology might be a little confusing, since you do need a model of what you want to edit, but you create and edit instances of that model with a GEF editor. Check out the resources at eclipse.org/gef/reference/articles.html – Fabian Steeg Sep 1 '10 at 11:22

These books are a good place to start:

And of course, there's the Eclipse documentation.

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