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I know it's kind of lame question, but I need to learn how to improve my usage of this DBMS and I need a book (programmers do read books!). It's quite expensive and time-consuming to order form Amazon from my country so I'd like to take a best choice, I can.

So, what is the best PostgreSQL book for a developer?

PS For reference, I treat PostgreSQL as a DBMS not an application server, so I definitely do not need a whole book about its extensibility model.

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I don't know what's the best one, but the PostgreSQL official site does recommend some books. You can also check the manuals on the same site.

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I agree with the manual. Postgresql has one of the best written manuals I have seen. –  Arthur Thomas Dec 16 '08 at 22:54

I would advise to start having your hands dirty doing the daily DBA work with PostgreSQL.

Practice makes perfect. As a reference I highly recommend current documentation.

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