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I am new to C# and am kind of confused what to do after reading some related posts about this topic.

I am giving an XML file from another tool. The XML file may not be valid as it may contain illegal characters and could be not well-formed. Unfortunately, the correction of illegal characters won't be done as the XML is generated from this other tool since it [ the tool ] has very bad memory leaks and a weak API.

My initial idea was to use "XmlTextReader" to read the XML file, visit each element and then correct the element value, if needed. My dream came to a halt because I learn that I am unable to configure turning off any exceptions while reading a XML file.

So, my other idea is to read each line of the XML file as a string and do some type of pattern matching to get the element's value to determine if any corrections have to be done. A element value may not be all on one line.

Can anyone point me to any C# libraries/functions I should be reading about in order to do what I want? One thing I do know is all the possible element values that can be in a XML file in advance.

Thanks ahead.

If it is useful, here are some of the element tag formats. Each tag I need to match will begin with "mon:Field name =""

< mon:Field name="Modified By" >Administrator< /mon:Field >

< mon:Field name="Modified On">Wednesday, May 12, 2010< /mon:Field>

< mon:Field name="Value">I went to the store

I bought two eggs

I bought one ham< /mon:Field>


Since my post I did some more searching online. I came across this code that looks useful that I am now studying. ( I have read the stackoverflow posts already why you should't parse XML with regular expressions but it seems like my only hope here ).


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For what it's worth, it is awful hard to parse unreliable XML. IMO, you are much better off fixing your tool or throwing it out in favor of something that produces compliant XML. –  kbrimington Aug 28 '10 at 16:22
What do you mean by unreliable in this case, kbrimington? The XML tags to work is known but the XML element values is unknown. Yes, parsing XML is a pain. I am hoping it will be easier in C# compared to C++. –  learningCSharp Aug 28 '10 at 16:31
Look at XPath and XQuery. –  leppie Aug 28 '10 at 17:16

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