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I have successfully implemented a custom SimpleCursorAdapter for an AutoCompleteTextView, which suggests entries from the database according to what has been entered into the box. However, I am getting the following non-fatal errors:

An exception occured during performFiltering()!
at com.stev.LondonTaxi.Route.runQuery(Route.java:456) at com.stev.LondonTaxi.AutocompleteAdapter.runQueryOnBackgroundThread(AutocompleteAdapter.java:61)

Relevant extracts from my code are below - I wonder if anyone might be able to shed any light?

public class Route extends Activity implements View.OnClickListener,
AdapterView.OnItemClickListener, FilterQueryProvider {


public Cursor runQuery(CharSequence constraint) {
String filter = constraint.toString().toUpperCase() + "%'"; 
Cursor all_Cursor_filter = dbse.autocomplete_query(filter);
return all_Cursor_filter;

public class AutocompleteAdapter extends SimpleCursorAdapter implements Filterable {
 public Cursor runQueryOnBackgroundThread(CharSequence constraint) {
    if (getFilterQueryProvider() != null) 
    { return getFilterQueryProvider().runQuery(constraint); }
    return dbAdapt.autocomplete_query();


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either constraint or dbse is null. not sure line 456 is which one.

but try to check constraint against null before toString call.

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The problem was two-fold really. Firstly I didn't need both a FilterQueryProvider in my activity at all as I had subclassed the adapter. This is discussed further here. The other problem was that I hadn't opened the database connection in my adapter (AutocompleteAdadapter) –  Stev_k Aug 29 '10 at 22:23

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