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I'm developing an application for debugging purposes. I want the user to be able to select the process to be debugged using the mouse. Process Explorer does a great job of this with the "Find Window's Process" feature. What I can't figure out is how it does this? Does anyone know the Window's API that provides this functionality?

Thanks, Grant

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I haven't tried this, but it should work: Use WindowFromPoint to get the window handle, then use GetWindowThreadProcessId to get the ID of the process that created the window.

Alternatively, you could use EnumWindows to enumerate all top-level windows on the screen, filter them by some criteria (e.g. position) and then use GetWindowThreadProcessId to get the process IDs.

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If I understand you correctly you are looking to enumerate all Windows and perform some action when the target Window in question is found. You can do this by enumerating all current windows and then performing some action when the user is over the window in question. You will have to associate that window handle with a process.

This is not a simple task as it requires going through a lot of hoops but it is possible, just have to put all the pieces together.

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