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Is there an easy way to center the cell entries in this table. The confidence interval look allright, but the estimate itself seems left-justified in the cell.


        \ctable[ caption={compldich}, label=z, pos=!tbp, ]{lll} {} {\FL\multicolumn{1}{l}{Variable}&\multicolumn{1}{c}{Univariate}&\multicolumn{1}{c}{Multivariate}\NN
        (Intercept)&&2.96 \NN
        Age&-0.011 &-0.01\NN
        & (-0.146,0.431)& (-0.177,0.464)\NN
        HISSA&-1.299 &-1.385 \NN
        Ethan&-0.089 &-0.404\NN
        &(-0.374,0.195)& (-0.722,-0.086)\NN
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Check out tex.stackexchange.com ... –  maxschlepzig Aug 28 '10 at 20:12

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Shouldn't {lll} be {lcc} ?

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Worked wonders.... Appreciate it.. Misha –  Misha Aug 28 '10 at 22:10

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