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I have a range named "Start" located at cell "I21". And I have another range named "End" located at cell "Q21". I want to write a code to delete all the columns between them. In other words, I want to delete columns J,K,L,M,N,O,P completely. Here is the code I have:

with ThisWorkbook.sheets("Sheet1")
    'unprotect sheet
    .Columns(.Range("Start").Column+1 & ":" & .Range("End").Column-1).Select
     Selection.Delete Shift:xlLeft
End with 

when it comes to the first line .Columns... it gives me an error as undefined application. please help,

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Range(Range("start").Offset(,1), Range("end").Offset(,-1)).EntireColumn.Delete  
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    Dim xlsRange As Excel.Range

    xlsRange = xlsSheet.Range("i2", "i10")

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