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How to represent next nhibernate xml in fluent-nhibernate?

<set name="Items" lazy="true" table="CATEGORY_ITEMS">
     <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/>
     <composite-element class="CategorizedItem">
          <parent name="Category"/>
          <many-to-one name="Item"
          <property name="Username" column="USERNAME" not-null="true"/>
          <property name="DateAdded" column="DATE_ADDED" not-null="true"/>
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HasMany(x => x.Items)
  .Component(com =>
    com.ParentReference(x => x.Category);
    com.References(x => x.Item)
    com.Map(x => x.Username)
    com.Map(x => x.DateAdded)

I encourage you to look into conventions for specifying the repetitious parts of your mappings, like the uppercase column and table names.

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