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I am trying to use (and I've tried both) preg_split() and split() and neither of these have worked for me. Here are the attempts and outputs.

preg_split("^", "ItemOne^ItemTwo^Item.Three^");
//output - null or false when attempting to implode() it.
preg_split("\^", "ItemOne^ItemTwo^Item.Three^");
//output - null or false when attempting to implode() it. Attempted to escape the needle.
//SAME THING WITH split().

Thanks for your help... Christian Stewart

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split is deprecated. You should use explode

$arr = explode('^', "ItemOne^ItemTwo^Item.Three^");

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Thanks, this worked. –  Christian Stewart Aug 28 '10 at 21:39


explode("^", "ItemOne^ItemTwo^Item.Three^");

since your search pattern isn't a regex.

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Are you sure you're not just looking for explode?

explode('^', 'ItemOne^ItemTwo^Item.Three^');

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Since you are using preg_split you are trying to split the string by a given regular expresion. The circumflex (^) is a regular expression metacharacter and therefore not working in your example.

btw: preg_split is an alternative to split and not deprecated.

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