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How we can assign a value in the query
what i need is assume that i write a query for output result using match against i am getting a bunch of result like
etc..... What i am asking. i need only 2 result from each domain.Can i use like this

Step 1:Set DomainName= and Let Rank =0
Step 2:DomainNameofResult= DomainNameofR(
(finding the domain name of result using substring or regular expression) Step 3:if DomainName=DomainNameofResult then Add the to result and set rank =1 else avoid the current domain

And Re start from step 1,in restarting if comes,On step 3 Add the to result and set rank = 2 after rank is set to 2 if any other result came with domain name it should be avoid.

can i write query for this??how??can you guys gave me an example?

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I would split the URL into a few fields for this. Likely "domain" and "path"

This would give you the following


domain           | path
-----------------+------------- | /account.php   | /account.php | /account22.php | /account45.php   | /account22.php   | /account45.php

Now, you can do things like:

SELECT DISTINCT domainname FROM domain_tables

Followed by a loop of (if PHP is your end language):

foreach($domain as $d){
    mysql_query("SELECT CONCAT("http://",domain,path) as url FROM domains_table WHERE domain=? LIMIT 2", $d);
     //Then store the result somewhere

You can also probably use some joins to do the same, but I'm not sure how to do that off the top of my head.

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Thks for the Reply, i am having about 275000 of rows already in the DB,taking each one and changing the values is not a easy onr – Jesvin Aug 29 '10 at 12:57

The task of extracting the domain name out of the URL is the biggest challenge, and would be more performant if you could add a new column to the table - domain or similar. This would make querying a lot easier in the future. You could even use the following function to UPDATE on that new column if possible.

Barring that, implement a user defined function in MySQL, similar to this one from "How to Parse a Domain Name from a URL using SQL".

CREATE FUNCTION `extract_domain_from_url`(url VARCHAR(5000)) RETURNS varchar(500)

   DECLARE output_domain VARCHAR(500);

   RETURN output_domain;


Once you do that, then (assuming you have an ID or something else that judges the order):

FROM     MyTable AS o
        (SELECT  COUNT(*) 
        FROM     MyTable 
        WHERE    extract_domain_from_url(url) =extract_domain_from_url(o.url)
        AND      id >= <= 2
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