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Can you please give an architectural/design flow of the system which will be able to achieve this purpose? Please note that I am looking to use as less money as possible for this activity...which means I am trying to build the cloud with opensources/servers etc but rying to avoid service providers like Amazon.

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Try Google App Engine, it has a free basic account and it allows to access external URLs. The basic account has some limitations but they are very generous.

Basically you can develop your app in NetBeans or Eclipse and test it on a local development server (which is included in the App Engine SDK), and then upload it to the cloud.

For continuous load tests, you can use the Task Queue API which can perform background processing by inserting tasks (modeled as web hooks) into a queue. You can also use Scheduled Tasks With Cron for Java.

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So in this approach, the Goolge App Engine is acting as a Cloud right? How can I concurrently test multiple users in this approach? Please advise –  Gangu Aug 30 '10 at 7:19
Can you please provide some details about this flow. I need to understand how the Cron job should behave and trigger the Job scheduler. Also, I need to record the response time it takes per job to hit the page but am confused as to how this data will be read by the Google App Engine. Can you please clarify? –  Gangu Aug 30 '10 at 13:45

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