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I'm making a facebook app and using stream.publish to share something on a wall.

However for the 1) attachemnt link, and the 2) the FB UI action link, when I click either, it will load the page in the same browser window.

I would like to somehow add into these links something like target="_blank" so it opens the link in a new tab. I know this is possible because when I share a video on youtube it has a target="_blank" on the action link and on the share link.

Does anyone know the trick?

I've tried code like this (I inserted the target blanks) but it doesn't add a target element in the hyperlinks:

     method: 'stream.publish',
     message: 'Check out this great app!{your_app}',
       name: 'Connect',
       caption: 'The Facebook Connect JavaScript SDK',
       description: (
         'A small JavaScript library that allows you to harness ' +
         'the power of Facebook, bringing the user\'s identity, ' +
         'social graph and distribution power to your site.'),
         'media': [{ 
            'type': 'image', 
     'target': '_blank', 
            'src': '', 
            'href': ''}],

       href: '',
       target: '_blank'


     action_links: [
       { text: 'Code', href: '' }
     user_message_prompt: 'Share your thoughts about Connect',
     target: '_blank'


Does anyone have any idea how youtube can accomplish the targets

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I believe what you are looking for is

display: 'popup', after method: 'stream.publish'

target is in reference to a fb user_id to post a wall-to-wall

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