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The markup required by jQuery UI Tabs is like following...

  Panel 1
  Panel 2
  Panel 3

That is good enough in some cases, but in other cases where SEO and usability are top priorities, this markup is not the better. I would have working jQuery UI Tabs with the following markup...

<div id="tabs">
  <div class="panel">
     Panel content 1
  <div class="panel">
     Panel content 2
  <div class="panel">
     Panel content 3

It is that possible?

I found here ( another plugin that solve this problem, but I would use the jQuery UI Tabs plugin.

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Its not available right now with jQuery UI tabs. on jQuery forums the status on such a request is 'we'll think about it' (ref:

The same person has suggested the changes as follows:

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I recommend JQuery UI style. That is less complicated and less coding. Probably it would not get backward with SEO.

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